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Directly followed options

In the previous section, it is discussed how GetPot handles arguments that follow other arguments on the command line. Popular programs, such as 'gcc' parse information that directly follows a string without any whitespace, such as '-I/usr/local/include/GL'. In this case '-I' indicates that a include path is to be set and the following character chain represents the path to be used. Of course, GetPot provides an easy means to access these strings: the direct_follow()-functions. Example:

     vector<string>  incl_path;
     const char*     path = cl.direct_follow((const char*)0, "-I");
     // read all arguments that start with '-I'
     while(path != 0) {
         path = cl.direct_follow((const char*)0, "-I");

Frank-Rene Schaefer 2002-09-14