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Comparison Operators

Table [*] lists the dollar bracket expressions that allow comparisons. These operators will return the number of the first argument for which the operator is true with respect to argument arg0. If none matches '0' is returned. Example:

country-id = ${== ${code} .de .fr .at .it .ch .cz}
will fill the variable country-id with 3 in case that code is ".at".

Table 4: Comparisons.
${== arg0 arg1 arg2 ...} equal
${> arg0 arg1 arg2 ...} greater
${< arg0 arg1 arg2 ...} less
${>= arg0 arg1 arg2 ...} greater or equal
${<= arg0 arg1 arg2 ...} less or equal

Frank-Rene Schaefer 2002-09-14