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Unidentified Flags

Flags, i.e. letters in arguments/options that activate or deactivate certain switches can be checked using the function:

string          unidentified_flags(const char* Known, 
                                   int ArgumentNumber /* =-1 */) const;
This function operates in two modes. In first mode, if the second argument is omitted or set to -1, then all options starting with a single '-' are considered and checked if there is any letter in them that is not in Known. Known is simply a string concatenating all possible flags (such as 'xcvfjt' for tar). In the second mode, the argument number ArgumentNumber on the command line is checked for flags (argument 1 for example in tar). The flags that are not contained in Known are listed in the returned string.

Frank-Rene Schaefer 2002-09-14